‘Science In A Different Light’ is a collection of videos and activities that aims to answer the question, ‘what’s the point in studying science?’

These free resources are designed to be used by teachers and students to discuss, debate, and reflect on some of the key areas of contemporary scientific research in the UK, and meet the people behind the science.

Teachers, there are case studies and videos, animations and downloadable activities. Explore the links on the left hand side; to start, why not choose the topic you find most challenging? Most of the resources can be used from year 7 to post-16.

If you’re a student who has stumbled upon this website, you’re more than welcome to browse around too! We hope you find the stories of our scientists inspiring. If you would like to talk more about this with your peers in class, why not show this site to your science teacher?

Meet the people behind the science

Scientists were once students too. In many ways, they still are; scientists are always learning new things by studying the world around them. In this video, meet Georgina, Aron, Hugh, Ceri, Mike, and Sihai. Why did they become scientists? What inspires them? What’s the best thing about their job?

Science In A Different Light is a collaborative project between the At-Bristol Science Centre and Suited & Booted CIC, kindly supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Thank you to all the scientists and engineers who generously gave their time to make this project possible: Jim Al Khalili, Georgina Miles, Aron Kisdi, Hugh Mortimer, Ceri Brenner, Mike Salter and Sihai Yang.