Working scientifically

Scientific knowledge and understanding is a constantly changing thing. It is a collection of theories, interwoven and supported by experiment, backed by the rigour of the scientific process.

Watch the animation above and think about how our understanding of the natural world advances when theory and experiment converge.

The Story of the Big Bang

The timeline above tells the story of how the Big Bang theory has evolved from the seed of an idea to become a household name (and has an American sitcom named after it!)

Uncertainty in science

Georgina is a climate change scientist; in this video she explains what a useful tool ‘error’ is. Uncertainty in science is not only a good thing; it’s a necessary thing, which allows us to have confidence in our answers!

Data handling

Computers are only as clever as the person programming them, but they can handle a lot more data, and process it a lot faster, than the human brain. Georgina discusses how programming, just another language like English or French, is a key scientific skill.

Scientific attitudes; manned versus unmanned space exploration

Scientific endeavour will always have a cost attached; in the case of human exploration of the Solar System, could the stakes be too high?

Aron, an extra-planetary robot scientist, presents the pros and cons of manned versus unmanned space exploration. What do you think?

Teachers, download this discussion resource to carry on the debate with your students in class: Man or Machine resource PDF